Dance Etiquette: Grooming

Following dance floor etiquette helps everyone to have fun. Simply put, it means being courteous and respectful to those around you. It's more important for a social dancer to be a considerate and thoughtful partner than to be a technically expert dancer. Following the rules and suggestions given here will help you to become a successful and appreciated dance partner.

Good Hygiene
Social dancing requires a certain degree of physical closeness. Good hygiene before and during the dance party shows respect and consideration for the other dancers. Cleanliness is of prime importance at a social dance.

The day of the dance or lesson, a shower or bath is a requirement. If you have an occupation that gets you dirty, a shower after work is strongly recommended. If you just can't get home, try to at least wash up before leaving work and definitely bring clean clothes to change into; dirty clothes are not acceptable in a social dance setting. You will feel better and so will every one else around you. Brush your teeth to freshen your breath. And when your kids have colds and you go to a dance, please wash your hands upon your arrival and before dancing.

Deodorants - Use Them!
If you are going to a dance and/or lesson, deodorant is a requirement - not an option. For added insurance, many people carry deodorant in their dance bags

Cologne / Perfume - Please Don't!
Many people are sensitive or even allergic to perfumes, colognes, and other heavily scented products; reactions can range from mild to very severe. Please be considerate of your dance partner's health and safety and refrain from wearing strong scents.