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These resources were compiled to inspire and grow your interest in swing dancing. If you have any additional suggestions for great resources to be listed here, please contact us.

Dances, Workshops and Competitions

Swing Out New Hampshire


International Lindy Hop Competition

Swing Out New Hampshire takes place at Camp Wicosuta, a traditional summer camp in the heart of the Lakes Region of New Hampshire. We offer four full days of classes and five nights of social dancing. SONH is a refuge from the everyday world, a total immersion experience and a place with a real sense of community. Hundreds of friendly, enthusiastic dancers come together to learn from many of the best dance teachers in the world, dance to exciting live bands and DJs, and have fun!


The International Lindy Hop Championships are held in Arlington, VA - Washington, DC suburb, and is the home of world class social dancing, competitions and amazing bands!


Hop To The Beat Dance Studio


Swing Monkey

Classes, dances, and workshops in the metro-Boston area.


A Lindy Hop calendar for New England that includes classes and dances for Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Vermont and Maine.


Have To Dance

A dance event calendar for the Greater Boston area and a resource listing for New England.


A listing of national and international swing, blues and fusion dance workshops and events.


Cat's Corner


Burlington Westies

Swing and blues dancing in Montréal.


West Coast Swing lessons and dances in Burlington's Old North End.


Boston Swing Central


Boston Tea Party

Lessons, workshops and dances in the metro-Boston area.


Four days of Lindy Hop and West Coast Swing instructions, competitions, and dances in the metro-Boston area.


Beantown Camp


Albany Swing Dancing

Beantown Camp is an annual Lindy Hop vacation held every summer in Massachusetts! "Join a phenomenal gathering of instructors, live music, DJs and dancers from across the country and beyond!" A variety of multiple-day and> whole-week passes are available.


Swing dancing in New York's capital district.