Resources: Lindy Hop Level Descriptions

These resources were compiled to inspire and grow your interest in swing dancing. If you have additional suggestions, please contact us.  

Lindy Hop Level Descriptions
At Vermont Swings, we offer different levels of Lindy Hop classes with the goal of providing opportunities for dance students of all levels. Unsure of where you land? Check out our Lindy Hop Level descriptions and see what best fits your level! If you feel you meet the description of one of the Levels below, then that should be the right class level for you! Still unsure? Ask one of our Vermont Swings Lindy Hop Teachers! Instructor approval is required for students for Level 3+ classes.

Beginning Swing - New dancer who is working on footwork, connection and timing up to 140bpm.

Lindy Level 1 - Dancer who is comfortable with basic lead-follow connection, single and triple step basic at 140bpm, and is working on honing connection and body movement. You've probably been dancing for at least 3 months. 

Lindy Level 2 - Dancer who is comfortable with lead-follow connection, can complete a swing out from open and closed and a circle at 140 bpm, and is working on expanding vocabulary and tempo of dancing, with a focus on swing out variations. You've probably been dancing for at least 6 months.

Lindy Level 3 - Dancer who is comfortable social dancing with a variety of partners, able to do a swing out and circle at 160bpm, and working on adding variety and musicality to their dance. You have solid lead follow connection, timing, and momentum when dancing. You have likely dipped your feet into other swing dances including but not limited to Charleston, Balboa, and/or Shag. You've probably been dancing for at least a year.  

Lindy Level 4 - Social dancer who uses a wide variety of moves to respond to their partner and the music, and is working on adding speed, nuance, musicality and personal style to your dancing. You probably have been dancing for at least 2 years. 
Lindy Level 5 - Lindy Hopper who has spent much time on the social dance floor, as well as always working on all the fine points of dancing. You can dance well at all tempos, have a good understanding of partnering, working tricky moves and footwork, and enjoy creativity and improvising with the music. You continue to seek ways to improve the quality of your movement, and are interested in learning new concepts and ideas to apply in your own dancing. You've likely been dancing for many years.